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I'm Bionasys, a 3D/4D artist from Belgium, Europe. I create unique pieces of art around & on the Hedera Hashgraph platform. I forge unique sets of collections for the ultimate Hedera fans all over the globe! Simultaneously promoting the Hedera platform!

I have a civil engineering background, worked for huge construction companies in the past and eventually got more into the design/software world of the construction. Since then I worked for a high tech software company using parametric/computational design for a complete automated building design. Last year I rolled into the world of the NFT's since I always dreamed of making digital art! Whilst being at the absolute forefront of technology! What a time to be alive! #HelloFuture! 

Please take a look around on my website and know that I'm always open for questions so feel free to ask me anything!

I hope you can find what you are looking for!

Much love, Bionasys


All links (social, white papers, galleries, metaverse, marketplaces,...) on one page!

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