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Three part story line about the origin of the Hashgraph. Visually expressed with particle simulations. In search of the solution to tackle corrupt structures in our society.

Troughout history, Humankind has always been plagued with corruption, miscommunication and central powers for so many centuries! Leaders, Mathematicians, philosophers and politicians have tried to figure out new kinds of systems for running a society with less corruption. Part of the idea is moving away from centralized structures to decentralised structures. Creating structures that are more trustworthy in our society.

In the old days decentralisation and trust was very difficult because of the lack of communication and tools. we had to wait until the rise of computers to have truly global communication. But there was still a lack of trust… Coming into a new age with the rise of DLT’s we could finally create that layer of trust and counter corruption! In 2016 a bright man named Dr. Leemon Baird has found a solution, a.k.a. The Hashgraph algorithm. The technology with the potential to lead us to a less corrupted society and made sure we survived as a Human species!

Let’s travel to the past, future and present to discover the Origin of The Hashgraph Technology! Fasten your seatbelts, It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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